At any point, you must have faced the problem of pulling your favorite piece of clothing out of the washer and seeing that it had shrunk, stretched, changed color, or was damaged!

How you wished at that moment if you paid more attention to the keys of the washing symbols on your clothes, and because it is very important and necessary for us to keep your clothes, we will simply explain to you the meanings of the washing symbols on the most common clothes.

The meanings of the washing symbols on clothes

Washing codes:

  1. You can wash the clothes in the regular washing
  2. The clothes should be washed by
  3. “X” not to use water to wash this type of fabric, use steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or
  4. Dry
  5. The circle marked (x) states that dry cleaning is

Water Temprature

  1. One point means 30 degree.
  2. Two points mean 40 degrees
  3. The three dots refer to 60 degrees
  1. You can wash it in a regular washing
  2. The one-line sign indicates that clothes should not be ironed; Because it is wrinkle-resistant and keeps its original
  3. The two lines are used for clothes made of wool or silk and refer to the light washing.

Drying symbols:

  1. You can use the dryer at a high
    1. An “X” on clothing tags means that the clothes are air-dried on a
    2. The clothes should be spread out in the open air instead of being dried by the
    3. Don’t hang it on the clothes rack, but rather placed it in a flat
    4. Avoid squeezing

Symbols for the drying temperature of clothes in the washing machine:

  1. You can use the dryer at a high
  2. These fabrics have anti-shrink
  3. A simple gentle cycle should be used for this item.

Labeling for bleaching clothes:

  1. You can use any type of bleach for these clothes without worrying about any damage to your
  2. The “X” mark indicates that it is forbidden to use any type of bleach with this type of
  3. You can use bleaching materials for clothes, but free of chlorine, so in this case, you should refer to the components of

Ironing symbols on clothes:

    1. The image of the iron means the temperature at which the item of clothing is
    2. One point means low temperature
    3. Two points mean an average
    4. Three dots mean high
    5. The letter “X” should not use an iron.


They may appear confusing, but washing symbols are actually quite easy to use

ESLA’s Guide explains the common symbols on clothing labels, how to do the washing and drying, as well as give extra information on bleaching and ironing. To keep your favorite clothes to last longer and in a better condition.