There are countless jean fits, and each one has a unique effect on your proportions and body type.


This curve-hugging classic from the previous ten years or so flatters almost every figure. To guarantee that your clothes move with you and don’t sag, look for fabrics with some elasticity.


Straight-leg jeans are comfortable and laid-back, with clean lines that highlight rectangle frames, a broader fit that balances inverted triangles, and spacious hips that flatter hourglass and pear forms.


This boho style is still as popular as ever, since it gives hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle frames a nice balance.


Bootcut jeans have a softly flared hem that goes nicely with boots, as the name implies. This fit balances out the larger bodies of apple and pear forms


This boho style is still as classic as ever, as they create great balance for hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle frames.


This dramatic style adds dimension to the lower half of the frame, making it ideal for rectangle or inverted-triangle frames with straighter legs. They can also visually lengthen the leg line of a tiny physique when worn in a cropped shape.